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What the hell is Shokushu Boutique?

Shokushu Boutique is a latex fashion brand

Where are you ?

Originally established in London, United Kingdom, we relocated to Bristol, UK in 2017.

Do you provide International delivery?


YES! Our fairy minions can reach every corner of the planet. 


Do you accept returns and How do I return an item?


Returns are only accepted if the item is damaged or faulty. We do not accept returns if the measurements provided are  incorrect, so please be extra careful when sending us your measurements for custom orders (see below)   Please contact us directly with any queries about returning an item. 


How do I  request a custom order? 


We make specific listings for custom orders with all the info you need. Please check the store pages. If you cannot see any available, check our Instagram for the date of our next store update when a limited number of these will be available.

Custom orders are usually available on request at ANY time to members of our 'Blessed by Cthulhu' tier on Patreon.

For help with measuring please use our size guide here.


Basic Measurements for custom orders- 





Nape to Crotch- 

(For garters)

Upper Thigh- 


Can you do rush orders/delivery upgrades? 


Usually yes but it will depend on how busy we are. Send us an email for a specific estimate for your order if you need it for a particular date. Remember, patience is a virtue and quality will take time. 


How do I  contact about Press and wholesale enquiries?


For press and wholesale enquiries please use the form on the contact page 



How can I  care for my items? 


Keep your lovely latex in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight to avoid damage. If you're unsure about this don't worry- we include a full list of do's and don'ts with every order to help you out. You can purchase latex cleaner, talc for helping you into your outfit and latex shiner online or at most erotic/lingerie stores. 

What's a 'shokushu'? 

'Shokushu' translates from Japanese as 'tentacle'. This is the name usually used to refer to a type of hentai/anime where girls have sexual encounters with tentacle-like monsters. It is often referred to as 'one of the darker sides of anime'  

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