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London Fashion Week 19th/20th September 2020


It was never going to be smart to invest in a live show this year, even if that show were 'digital', risking putting a group of people together for something so unnecessary was never going to sit well with us.

If you've been following what we've been up to then you'll know we started a gofundme over summer to cover the cost of making a Fashion film as a substitute to a catwalk show. This was something we had zero previous experience with so I'm super grateful to not just everyone who donated but everyone who contributed to making it a success. Especially; Jonee who helped me get a capsule collection together in days, Sarah who made possibly the most colourful cupcakes I've ever seen for the films props, Peter and the models for enduring the hottest day of 2020 in the studio in Haggerston and my uncle Keith for leaving me enough money to cover the rest of the expenses and still pay rent.

I can't stress enough how little experience I had with cinematography, so I feel an extra thanks to Peter Pahor for enduring endless messages of me trying to convey what I wanted and somehow producing EXACTLY what I wanted, is due here! (check out his other work, he's very talented)

You can read a bit more about the concept for the 'sweet shop' collection on, who we will hopefully show with again in 2021.

Rest  assured we'll be 'live' again once it's appropriate to do so! In the meantime, plenty of new things will be coming to the online store. Watch this space.

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