As I began writing this it occurred to me that this is actually the first moment I'd actually had to update this space so far this year.

Well, we're still here and having lived in what I thought was economic uncertainty most of my life I won't pretend that anything really feels all that different. Except perhaps the scale.

I'm still shipping orders but production will be a little slower as I'm limiting post office runs and without any help for the foreseeable future.

I'm giving every order an extra wipe down and advising customers to do the same at their own end to be on the safe side. (Although the delayed shipping most likely helps in ensuring any trace of virus will be gone by the time anything reaches you anyway). Still, better safe than sorry.

On the positive side,currently, neither I nor anybody in my family have symptoms and as this update clearly reveals, I have been given this wonderful opportunity to catch up with everything!

My gratitude for all your support as always is immeasurable. Keep rocking that Shokushu goodness from your bedrooms!

Stay well Shokushu babes <3

Covid-19 and the spring that never was 30/03/20

Are you boring enough to leave your latex pining in the wardrobe for you until you hit a fetish night?

Didn’t think so!

Latex can be so much more than a material reserved for head-to-toe catsuits and kinky nights out. Stand out from other street style aficionados with some distinctive latex!

In a time of economic uncertainty, where we are bombarded with attempts to champion sustainable fashion, it is inevitably difficult to justify frivolously purchasing garments you intend to wear only once. Do not fear, latex is not only a sustainable material but it can also be a great investment to enhance your outfits with uniqueness.

First of all, Shokushu Boutique garments are designed to be styled with a wide variety of looks. Products include many garments that can be worn over the top of other materials, such as our school girl collar, kimonos or pinafore dresses. Many customers claim to reserve their latex for particular events due to comfort. Whether this concern is about being too hot, too cold or flexibility, there is no need for this to ruin your fun.

The loose fit styles of our skater skirts, pinafore dress or kimonos mean you can both wear them over leggings/tights for warmth and not worry about latex being next to your skin and making you sweat constantly in hot weather.

Our cute designs also look fantastic with other prints. Kawaii brands such as ‘Hellyeahsweetnsour’, ‘Black Milk’ and ‘RoxieSweetheart’ are perfect for pairing with items like our Heart Bralette. These images show our lilac and baby pink Heart Bralette with leggings from 'Hellyeahsweetnsour’ and our cropped hoody paired with 'Black Milk' tartan leggings. Colourful fitted and transparent garments from ‘Cyberdog’ are also perfect for matching with our skater skirts and babygirrl bralettes.

Another common latex issue you don’t need to stress about with many Shokushu Boutique garments is getting in and out of them quickly and easily. One of our new items which is fantastic for layering with cute hotpants or even with another skirt is our half bubblegum skirts, which strap over the top of your other clothes. The plastic clasp used to secure the skirt means you certainly won’t be spending an hour getting into this ensemble. Make even a simple pair of denim hotpants edgey in seconds by clipping one (or even two) of these skirts over the top.  

So there you are. Whether you’re neglecting your existing latex or trying to justify spending more on expanding your latex wardrobe, support an independent brand and a sustainable material with an investment in latex!

Photos by Orson Carter

Styling latex with streetwear 30/10/19


So I’ve decided to create a blog for the brand, where we can document our news and post latex fashion tips and advice in much more detail than Instagram or other social media, for anybody who is interested. I’m hoping this might provide some interesting insight for anybody who might be interested in the inspiration for the brand’s collections and perhaps also somewhere our models can post about how they style their outfits.


For this first post I will just run through some of the main news of 2019 as it’s been such an eventful year for the brand. We were privileged enough to be given the opportunity to show a collection with Fashions Finest at London Fashion Week this September. The overwhelming positive response to the collection was phenomenal and I cannot convey how grateful I am to everyone who was involved and for all the kind comments.

For those of you who are interested, the collection was inspired by KPOP girlband legends TWICE. Their 2018  album ‘Summer Nights’ features fun songs with videos of the band in colourful outfits, surrounded by exotic flowers and dancing on idyllic, white beaches. This reminded me of the beaches of the Philippines (where my mother’s family originates from) such as Boracay, Bohol and Cebu.  The colour palette for the collection was actually taken from the Summer nights album cover: mint green, sunshine yellow, lilac and shades of pink.

A Hibiscus flower design was laser cut for skirts and sleeves in the collection and latex was dip-dyed to recreate the effect of a pink sunset sky. The silhouettes are taken from Twice’s 90s reminiscent outfits.

The collection is a mix of ready-to-wear pieces and one-of-a-kind couture garments. We’ll be selling some of the RTW pieces such as the pinafore dress and an alternative (non dip-dyed) version of the ‘half skirts’ on the website in our full range of colour options very soon but items such as the laser cut flower skirt will remain one-offs. You can purchase these from a special section on our store… but once they’re gone they’re gone! It’s also possible for stylists to loan these pieces if they’re happy to provide their details and a deposit, so please do get in touch if you’re interested.

Finally, I’ll briefly mention some plans for the future. Unfortunately, I doubt time constraints will allow me to show a collection in Feb 2020. However, I’m hoping to create a collection for September 2020. This will probably be heavily influenced by my Art History MA studies, which I’ll (hopefully) complete in summer next year. I’ll more than likely be posting about the effects of topics covered in my MA on SB’s design in the coming months, so look out for that too!

Photos by DIKNG

Our first blog post! 29/10/19