High waist skater skirt with contrast coloured lace waistband design AND lace trim


Flattering on a variety of body types.


A little longer and more elaborate than the original 'dentille'  lace skirt. Please note this version will take a little longer than the version without lace trim. 



Shipping time-

Our items are all handmade to order, please allow at least FIVE weeks for this item to ship. You will be contacted regarding any additional delays (for example, during peak seasons such as Halloween or Christmas or if the colour you have chosen is out of stock)


Double lace 'Dentelle' skirt

Main Colour
Lace colour


100% latex


(It is the customer's responsibility to be aware of any allergies before purchase)



Size Guide

(waist measurement)

XS- 20-24"

S- 25-29"

M- 30-34"

L- 35-39"

XL- 40-44"

XXL- 45-49"





Hand wash with warm water/latex cleaner only