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The Shokushu Babes are our sponsored models who personify the cute and sexy brand image. Beautiful inside and out, these social media queens are helping Shokushu Boutique conquer the world one outfit at a time!

<3 Hot Cocoa !  <3

 A.K.A: Latoya

 Location: London, UK

 Music: Heavy Metal



'Published Alternative model,

 unicorn hair don't care,

 studs and leather wearing chick'


​(Hot cocoa wears the

 heartbreaker dress  (left) and

 Halter top and mini bubblegum skirt)

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  <3 Alice Berry  <3


Location: Cornwall, UK

 Music: UK HipHop & A$AP Mob

 Colour: Baby Pink


Perfectionist when it comes to outfits/hair & make-up.



(Alice wears  a bubblepop hoody , gold babygirrl bralet  and high waist pantsand a custom 'Dolla' crop top )           

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Photography by Catherine Amanda Leigh

<3 Amanda Kee <3


Location: Texas, U.S.A

 Music: Skinny puppy, NIN,IMAX

Colour: Hot Pink


"Texan Alternative model who never says no to Pink and could live on a sole diet of

 sushi and chicken nuggets"

(Amanda wears the girly gun Bralette and the leopard print pencil skirt!)

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If you’re interested in becoming a sponsored Shokushu Boutique model get in touch via our Contact page with the following details:


Social media links:

Basic dress measurements:


Why you think you should represent Shokushu Boutique:

A designer/brand you have previously worked with that can be contacted for a reference:

Please note- You are more likely to be a successful applicant if you meet the following criteria

*You can represent us in a location where we do not already have a sponsored model

*You have been modelling for over two years and have been published or represented by an agency

*You are active and consistent on social media with frequent engagement

*You are over 21

*You do not openly promote recreational drugs on your social media

*Drag queens/princesses please feel free to apply!

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