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The Shokushu Story

Created in London in 2014, Shokushu Boutique is the lovechild of Fashion Design graduate Emily Avarice and Lord Cthulhu, leader of the old ones.


Starting with a few hundred pounds saved after University and some leftover scraps from a graduate collection; by 2015, we had a few accessories stocked in Cyberdog Futurelovers, London, followed by Babyvoodoo Australia in 2016 and Coexist store in Berlin in 2017. Despite leaving Etsy and its ever-growing feees in 2018, sales stayed steady enough that we could show a collection during London Fashion Week in September 2019.


Then, of course, the world stopped. Shokushu Boutique survived 2020 and began a comeback in 2021 with a second show at London Fashion Week September 2021. 


 We're still learning and improving all the time, ultimately this is all only possible because of the people who have supported us along the way. From models and photographers, to other independent business owners and the events we've been invited to be part of such as Le Boutique Bazaar and Drag World.


If you'd like to be a part of this story, please join our Patreon and become a part of the tentacle club!

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