Latex but make it Fashion... and cute. It's got to be cute.

Ethically producing latex in the UK since 2014.


Shokushu Boutique is the place to get unique, statement looks, created exclusively in high-quality latex. Our clothing is inspired by an ‘East meets West’ culture clash, which includes influences from Harajuku street style and Korean Pop and Hip Hop. Our customers love to stand out and are never afraid to be different.


We do NOT outsource the construction of our latex clothing. There is no cheap unethical factory labour involved. When you buy from Shokushu Boutique you are supporting a small homegrown UK business, established by Fashion graduates with a passion for creating exciting ensembles.

Why aren't there many latex pieces available on the webstore right now?

As of 2022, we're now limiting availability to a few shop updates a year where there will be a range of ready-to-ship items and 'customizable' listings where you can still have something made to order.

Due to high demand, our listings may sell out very quickly, so be sure to follow us on Instagram, Patreon or join our mailing list to hear about upcoming updates.

Making our latex clothing in limited quantities helps avoid waste- because waste is lame both for the planet and our pockets.


We provide size guides for all of our garments but for fitted clothing especially we recommend you include measurements so we can get it just right. Check out our measurements section for more details.

So how do custom orders work?

After placing your order, we do a little celebration dance to thank Lord Cthuhlu* and then create your order in the magic workshop in Bristol UK. Generally, this will take 3-6 weeks but it depends entirely on what you've ordered. Specific estimates are included on every listing so please do check if you've got a specific date in mind.

You'll be able to select a specific size or add a note with your measurements at the checkout and you can choose any colour combination for your garment.

Want to check it out in person? We also produce many of our classic pieces in bulk so you can check them out in the 3D world! You can grab Shokushu Boutique clothing in several stores across Europe, please see our retailers section for further details of these.


We also sometimes list sample pieces of new designs in the 'sample' section of the shop. These are usually pieces that have only been worn once by a model or have minor defects. Check this out if you're looking for a bargain as you may even be able to grab something unique that we've discontinued.

*Lord Cthuhlu is the many-tentacled lord that we pay homage to. The Shokushu Boutique team are all members of the 'Order of Shokushu' which believes that Cthulu protects us through the chaos of modern life. Unlike more morbid branches of this belief, we believe he is best honoured through displays of beauty and honours hard-working creative people above all others. We would like to stress that we respect all other religions and only very rarely practice human sacrifice. You can find out more about the Cthuhlu cults here.

Virtue checklist:

  • Independent brand ✔-Not funded by Daddy's millions  

  • Sweatshop-free ✔- Everybody paid fairly, all produced in the UK

  • Minimal waste ✔ - Trying not to kill too many things

  • Body positive ✔ -All bodies, any gender/colour welcome

  • Ethnic minorities ✔-Yes, we are

  • Other ✔ -We either have minimal personality flaws or are reasonably good at keeping them private.